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Strategic configurations and designs for corporate entrepreneurship: Exploring the relationship between cohesiveness and performance
Cynthia A. Lengnick-Hall
Resources, real options, and corporate strategy
Antonio E. Bernardo, Bhagwan Chowdhry
Transition strategy, corporate exploitation and state capture: An empirical analysis of the former Soviet states
Ichiro Iwasaki, Taku Suzuki
ProWtability and the poor: Corporate strategies, innovation and sustainability
David Hall ¤, Emanuele Lobina
Indigenous engagement in Australian mine water management: The alignment of corporate strategies with national water reform objectives
Marcus Barber, Sue Jackson
Why not greater catch-up by Chinese firms? The impact of IPR, corporate governance and technology intensity on late-comer strategies
Yangao Xiao, Andrew Tylecote, Jiajia Liu
An empirical investigation of electronic word-of-mouth: Informational motive and corporate response strategy
Young Lyoul Lee, Seokwoo Song
Determining the antecedents for a strategy of corporate social responsibility by small-and medium-sized enterprises in the UK fashion apparel industry
Patsy Perry , Neil Towers
Corporate link and competitive strategy in multinational enterprises: a perspective from subsidiaries seeking host market penetration
Yadong Luo, Hongxin Zhao
Functional Change and Bank Strategy in German Corporate Governance
Dwight B. Crane, Ulrike Schaede
Effective employment brand equity through sustainable competitive advantage, marketing strategy, and corporate image
Kyung Hoon Kim , Byung Joo Jeon, Hong Seob Jung, Wei Lu, Joseph Jones
Effective employment brand equity through sustainable competitive advantage, marketing strategy, and corporate image
Kyung Hoon Kim, Byung Joo Jeon, Hong Seob Jung, Wei Lu, Joseph Jones
Corporate governance and lobbying strategies
Ike Mathur , Manohar Singh , Fred Thompson , Ali Nejadmalayeri
Knowledge-based view of corporate strategy
Mitsuru Kodama
The battle of the blue laser DVDs: The significance of corporate strategy in standards battles
Scott R. Gallagher
E-Commerce in financial Services:
An E-Agenda for the Corporate Parent
Robert Park, Andrew Campbell

Winds of Change:

Corporate Strategy, Climate Change and Oil Multinationals
Ans Kolk, David Levy

Corporate Financial Strategies for Global Competitiveness
Trond Randøy, Lars Oxelheim, Arthur Stonehill
Congruent, Divergent and Incoherent Corporate Level Strategies
Cliff Bowman, Keith Ward, Andrew Kakabadse
The Extended Merger and Acquisition Process:
Understanding the Role of IPOs in Corporate Strategy
Jeffrey Reuer, Jung-Chin Shen
Bringing Together Strategic Outsourcing and Corporate Strategy:
Outsourcing Motives and Risks
Bertrand Quelin, Francois Duhamel
E-government implementation strategies in developed and transition economies: A comparative study
Vishanth Weerakkody, Ramzi El-Haddadeh, Tomas Sabol, Ahmad Ghoneim, Peter Dzupka
Does corporate growth really matter in the restaurant industry?
Prakash K. Chathoth, Michael D. Olsen
The effect of environment risk, corporate strategy, and capital structure on firm performance:
An empirical investigation of restaurant firms
Prakash K. Chathoth, Michael D. Olsen
Assessing corporate–community involvement strategies in the Nigerian oil industry: An empirical analysis
Uwafiokun Idemudia
Carbon capture and storage as a corporate technology strategy challenge
Frances  Bowen
The limited effect of EU emissions trading on corporate climate strategies: Comparison of a Swedish and a Norwegian pulp and paper company
Lars H. Gulbrandsen , Christian Stenqvist
How to reconcile environmental and economic performance to improve corporate sustainability:
corporate environmental strategies in the European paper industry
Marcus Wagner
The importance of appearing competent: An analysis of corporate impression management strategies on the World Wide Web
Colleen Connolly-Ahern, S. Camille Broadway
E-commerce and corporate strategy: an executive perspective
Kuo-chung Chang, Joyce Jackson, Varun Grover
Strategy–organization configurations in corporate venture units:
Impact on performance and survival
Susan A. Hill, Julian Birkinshaw
Aligning supply chain strategy with corporate environmental strategy: A contingency approach
Tienhua Wu, Yen-Chun Jim Wu, Yenming J.Chen, Mark Goh
A framework for strategy formulation based on clustering approach:
A case study  in a corporate organization
S. Ali Hadighi, Navid Sahebjamnia, Iraj Mahdavi, Mohsen Akbarpour Shirazi
Corporate strategies, environmental forces, and performance measures:
a weighting decision support system using the k-nearest neighbor technique
Myung Ho Sohn, Taewoo You, Seok-Lyong Lee, Heeseok Lee
Making sense of Corporate Social Responsibility: Exploring organizational processes and strategies
Angela van der Heijden, Peter P.J. Driessen, Jacqueline M. Cramer
Corporate responsibility for sustainable development:
a review and conceptual comparison of market- and stakeholder-oriented strategies
Pasi Heikkurinen , Karl Johan Bonnedahl
Supranational governance and corporate strategy: the emerging role of the World Trade Organization
Thomas C. Lawton, Steven M. McGuire
Multiple influences on corporate governance practice in Nigeria:
Agents, strategies and implications
Emmanuel  Adegbite , Kenneth Amaeshi, Chizu Nakajima
The influence of foreign equity and board membership on corporate strategy and internal cost management in Portuguese banks
Mohamed Azzim Gulamhussen, Luis Guerreiro
Corporate diversification strategies and capital structure
Manohar Singh, Wallace N. Davidson III, Jo-Ann Suchard
Corporate environmentalism pursuit by foreign firms competing in China
Ricky Y.K. Chan
Enhancing the benefits of professional sport philanthropy: The roles of corporate ability and communication strategies
Yuhei Inoue, Joseph E. Mahan III, Aubrey Kent
Effects of regulatory uncertainty on corporate strategy—an analysis of firms’ responses to uncertainty about post-Kyoto policy
Christian Engau, Volker H. Hoffmann
Corporate strategy as design orientation of spatial function and environmental identity: a case of Kasikorn Bank's branch office in Bangkok
Thuckavadee SthienrapapayutF, Nopadon Sahach aisaeree
Corporate Entrepreneurship and Strategy Process: A Performance Based Research on Istanbul Market
Ata Özdemirci
Corporate Governance and Firm Performance of Listed Firms in Sri Lanka
Zhaoyang Guo & Udaya Kumara KGA
A Firm-level investigation of the complementarity between information and communication technologies and organizational resources
Gargallo-Castel, Ana F, Galve-Górriz, Carmen
The Impact of Ethical Climate on Relationship between Corporate Reputation and Organizational Identification
Ayla Zahra oncer, muge leyla yildiz
Assessment the Corporate Social Responsibility according to Islamic values (Case study: Sarmayeh Bank)
Saeed Fallah Tafti, Seyed Farhad Hosseini, Shahnaz Akbari Emami
Corporate Strategy, Corporate Culture & Customer Information
Myropi Garri, Nikolaos Konstantopoulos, Michail Bekiaris
How Can the Trade off between Corporate Business Strategy and Project Risk be Optimized?
M.J. Sheykh, M. Azizi, M.H.Sobhiyah
The Application of Project Management Standards and Success Factors to the Development of a Project Management Assessment Tool
Antonio G. Sanjuan, Thomas Froese
The Impact of Corporate Entrepreneurship on Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Organizational Commitment:
Evidence from Turkey SMEs
Cemal Zehir, Busra Muceldidi, Songul Zehir
Reconceptualising corporate strategy in business and management education
Bruce Macfarlane and Andrew Perkins
Developing a corporate learning strategy
Colin Coulson-Thomas
Organisational leadership and chaos theory
Peter Galbraith
Total quality management as a health care corporate strategy
James A. Johnson and Vincent K. Omachonu
An open framework for corporate strategy in construction
Charles Y.J. Cheah and Michael J. Garvin
“Make or buy”: the potential subversion of corporate strategy – the case of Philips
A.J.C. Manders and Y.S. Brenner
A conceptual synergy model of strategy formulation for manufacturing
Kit Fai Pun
Environmental turbulence, strategic orientation
Peter W. Stonebraker and Jianwen Liao
Corporate Strategy and the Role of Navigational Marketing
Nils-Erik Aaby, Anthony F.McGann
Combining corporate and marketing strategy for global competitiveness
D. Steven White, David A. Griffith
Modelling for corporate identity studies:
case of identity as communications strategy
Foo Check-Teck and Andy Lowe
Corporate Communication and Strategy in the field of Projects
Goczol and Scoubeau
Environmental Management: Its Role in Corporate Strategy
Jo McCloskey and Sarah Maddock
Corporate governance, strategy and corporations law
Michael Nwogugu
What’s the board’s role in strategy development?: Engaging the board in corporate strategy
David A. Nadler
Corporate reputation – a value creating strategy
Richard R. Dolphin
Corporate Strategy and Parenting Advantage
When acquisitions go awry: Pitfalls in executing corporate strategy
C. Gopinath
Evaluating the effectiveness of an experiential “hybrid” workshop
P. Mazany, S. Francis and P. Sumich
Women, leadership and information technology
Jenni Colwill, Jill Townsend
Strategic learning in Germany’s largest companies
Heiko Hilse, Alexander T. Nicolai
Getting into the Act:
Who Decides about Corporate Strategy?
Susan Miller
Evaluating the effectiveness of an experiential “hybrid” workshop
P. Mazany, S. Francis and P. Sumich
Telling the corporate story: vision into action
Morgan Marzec
Corporate real estate and competitive strategy
Bas P. Singer, Bart A.G. Bossink, Herman J.M. Vande Putte
The problematic of strategy:
a way of seeing is also a way of not seeing
Kazem Chaharbaghi
Firm value creation and levels of strategy
Cliff Bowman and Ve´ronique Ambrosini
Corporate strategy and shareholder value during decline and turnaround
Olivier Furrer, J. Rajendran Pandian, Howard Thomas
Expatriates and corporate-level international strategy: governing with the knowledge contract
Brian Connelly and Michael A. Hitt, Angelo S. DeNisi, R. Duane Ireland
Corporate universities in Germany
How to develop a customized corporate energy strategy
Bill Ralston
From branded to endorsement corporate identity strategy: the case of the Fattals Hotel Management Group
Ram Herstein and Yoram Mitki
The business strategy/corporate social responsibility “mash-up”
Tom McManus
Building corporate social responsibility into strategy
Jeremy Galbreath
Distressed M&A and corporate strategy:
lessons from Marvel Entertainment Group’s bankruptcy
Joseph Calandro Jr
Vertical phasing as a corporate real estate strategy and development option
Anthony Guma, Jason Pearson, Kate Wittels
Accommodating “accelerating” time: the use of timescapes in corporate real estate strategies
Linda Too, Michael Harvey
What they can do versus how much they care
Sora Kim, Scott Rader
Corporate branding: an exploration of the influence of CRE
Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, Dave Havermans and Ingrid Janssen
Kiechel’s history of corporate strategy
Robert J. Allio and Robert M. Randall
Linking corporate strategy and supply chain management
Erik Hofmann
Do stakeholder management strategy and salience influence corporate social responsibility in Indian companies?
Supriti Mishra and Damodar Suar
The corporate strategy function: improving its value and effectiveness
Barry Brunsman, Stacey DeVore and Andrew Houston
The margin of safety principle and corporate strategy
Joseph Calandro Jr
Rebels with a cause
How to assess the corporate parenting strategy? A conceptual answer
Matthias Kruehler, Ulrich Pidun and Harald Rubner
Sustainability as corporate mission and strategy
Tore Mysen
Developing a corporate knowledge management strategy
Paul Oluikpe
A grounded theory of the corporate identity and corporate strategy dynamic
Hong-Wei He, John M.T. Balmer
IDBM papers vol 2.



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